[Released] [Plugin] Auto Save and Load System with compression

Hello guys. I released my plugin for UE4 that will allow you to easy save and load Actors and Actors Components Data!

The plugin is on itch.io right now and hopefully will be in the UE4 Marketplace in a few days.

Auto Save and Load Actors into a compressed file. Just add a component to any Actor you want to save! Easy save variables, AI state, Widgets, etc. in Level Streaming or across multiple Levels.

Purchase the Plugin on itch.io: Unreal Engine 4 - Auto Save and Load System with Compression Plugin by CronofearSoftworks
Link of the Plugin website (tutorials, documentation, etc): http://cronofear.com/ue4-plugins/auto-save-load-system-with-compression/

What do you think about this plugin? Any feedback will be very apreciated!