[RELEASED] Platform Game Engine

Hi there. My new asset “Platform Game Engine” is available now on Marketplace.
It is compatible with UE 4.26, 4.27 and 5.0.

Marketplace: Link
Videos: Link
Playable demo: Link
Documentation: Link

What is Platform Game Engine?

Platform Game Engine is a complete platform game kit with meshes, textures, materials, full gameplay, enemy AI, save game, collectibles, power up system, interactive environment, puzzles, inventory and more…


  • Platforms (Spline platform, fall platform, spinning platform, destructible platform).
  • Triggers (Button, Levers, Lock & Key, Trigger box and more…).
  • Actions (Doors, Gates, Bridges and more…).
  • Puzzle system.
  • Interactive environment.
  • Collectibles (Coins, Health, Lifes, Keys).
  • Component based Power Up system (Super Speed, Super Jump, Power Boost, Shield, Invincibility, Fly).
  • Score system.
  • Inventory system.
  • Save Game systems.
  • Checkpoints.
  • Physics surface component (Slippery ice and sticky goop).
  • Component based Health system.
  • Spawners (Enemy spawner, Collectible spawner, Power Up spawner and Platform spawner).
  • Fan/Wind machine.
  • Turret weapons (Cannon).
  • 70+ static meshes.

Number of Blueprints: 119
Number of Meshes: 74
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse.
Network Replicated: No.

V1.1 Update

  • Added new weapon example
  • Added 2 new meshes (For the new weapon example)
  • Added demo levels
  • Added new debug inputs (Press H to hide the UI, O to posses the debug pawn, K to decrease time dilatation)
  • Fixed a bug where destructible objects didn’t get affected by the instant kill volume
  • Lighting improvements on overview level
  • General improvements for UE5