[Released] PBR Plant Pack Vol 2

PBR Plant Pack Vol 2 was recently released on the Unreal Engine Marketplace it can be found here:
Package now contains 11 unique plant types and a total of 96 unique plant meshes.

This plant pack currently contains 9 unique plant types, and a total of 74 unique plant meshes. All of the materials use 4096x4096 texture resultions. The reason for this is to include the highest resolution I could while managing size of the asset, while still allowing for adjustment and resizing of textures to suit peoples needs.

All materials implement PBR materials, including Base Colour, Normal, Metallic, Roughness, and AO Maps. All materials also use the 2-sided vegetation shader. A lot of the values like normal strength, roughness, subsurface opacity and colour are adjustable through material instance parameters.

All of the models are relatively low poly, falling within 24 to 384 polygons per plant.

All textures were creating by real-world scanning of back/front of leaves and stems using a 1600dpi scanner, some minor cleaning of dust/dirt/scratches and alpha masking, and resizing.

Here are some images of the asset as can be seen from the unreal engine marketplace:

I would appreciate any questions or comments or any feedback whatsoever that people have about this asset.
Thank you so much for checking it out!

I’ve got an update ready adding an additional plant variety and 14 plant meshes to this pack. My upload speed is too slow where I live so I will be travelling to my University Campus to upload from there as soon as I can.
Will update the thread with additional screenshots of the new plant variety when I can.

I’ve also been working on a maxscript to generate plant meshes quicker than custom creating each individual one to add more variety to the plant meshes themselves.

Thanks for checking out my asset and let me know what you think!

The update with 14 plant meshes was released and I forgot to update this thread, I apologize for that. However an additional plant variety was added today, bringing the total to 11 unique plant types and 96 plant meshes.

Here are some screenshots which include the new plant types:

This asset was just updated to include the 4096x4096 .tga textures so that people can easily resize textures in case of performance concerns. I thought this was done previously but some were missing and only .uasset files existed for each plant. Now all plants have the textures associated with them for modification.