[Released] New soft Sci-Fi soundscapes, smooth glitches & deep drones

:wave: Hi all!

Introducing my second space library of futuristic atmospheric ambient for sci-fi game creators

:milky_way: Smooth Space - Soft Sci-Fi soundscapes, quiet glitches & deep drones

This library is the exact opposite of my previous “Dark Space Ambience” pack. This time I again plunged into deep granular synthesis, but already sitting on the windowsill with a cat, a cup of cappuccino and covered with a warm and soft blanket.

Demo on Soundcloud

:nerd_face: As usual, I used multi-step synthesis and “controlled randomness” technique. And to convey the different mood and personality of each planet, I added a couple of layers of different types of glitch to each. As a result, we got 9 different ambiences with their own characteristics - liquid, crystals, metal, wind, etc. And the sounds has been designed to flow seamlessly between different tracks

Listen to the demo and plunge into the calm and quiet atmosphere of fascinating journeys to distant planets.

This library includes:

  •   9 unique mixed mesmerizing ambient tracks with background space glitch and effects
  •   Construction Kit for creating your own combinations of layers or adaptive sound
  •   63 loops for ease of use in game projects
  •   6 bonus glitch layers and 2 mixed glitch tracks for additions, complexity or variety to the main tracks
  •   3 bonus background music tracks for menus, gameplay or more

You can see the full asset list at the link
Link to the library on the marketplace here

Feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions. I am always open to new projects and new interesting acquaintances.

Thank you for your interest in my art :hugs:



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The music has been designed to flow seamlessly between different tracks. Ideal for any production that includes calm and peaceful scenes of futuristic cities, space quests, alien, shimmering buildings and landscapes, huge uncharted planets, spaceships, distant stars, galaxies and colourful, bright areas and halls. This professionally designed sound library will provide you with a huge variety of drones, soundscapes, atmospheres, textures and calm ambient sounds that will give a sonic perspective to the scenes and images of an exciting atmosphere of the future.

Tags: #calm #atmospheric #ambient #glitch #drone #deep #sci-fi #loops

Features of this library:

  •    9 designed and mixed full length main tracks
  •    43 audio full length layers in Construction Kit
  •    8 bonus tracks (glitch)
  •    3 bonus music tracks
  •    loop versions of all audio in pack
  •   High quality audio
  •   Ready-to-use sounds
  •   Absolutely original content
  •   All tracks are generated in 3 stages of processing and manipulation with the most modern granular synthesizers and randomization plugins. All this gave a unique and inimitable result, which you are unlikely to find anywhere else

atmospheric calm futuristic sci-fi ambient drone glitch loop modular multitrack space texture soundscape quest adventure puzzle simulator construction planet background exciting colorful uniform even deep contemplative pensive peaceful relaxed