[released] New ambience sounds of dark space


My name is Pavel, I am a sound designer and sometimes a composer. I was recently bored after work, there were somehow few creative tasks that day. Decided to experiment a bit with the new plugin… As a result, I got so carried away that by the morning I recorded a small pack with the atmospheres of a eerie deep space :space_invader:

:japanese_ogre: I randomly took a bunch of different sources from different libraries and started mocking them) As a result, I exported about 100 tracks for 10 minutes, then I loaded them again into a multi-track granular synthesizer, and then exported them again until I had about 10 final tracks … They are all mostly very bass, sometimes even with overdrive, a lot of reverb and echo, smooth increases and decreases. I think they very well convey the atmosphere of doom, tension and hopelessness.

Check it out, please, I am very interested in your opinion. I must say right away that this is NOT music, it is closer to ambient and noise
Link: Dark Space Ambience Pack in Sound Effects - UE Marketplace

Soundcloud Demo


I will wait for your comments
Thanks for reading! Have a good mood today!

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Hey Pavel!

First of all, welcome to the unreal engine community. Stoked to have you here :heartpulse:

A little story real quick, so I have headphones that vibrate with bass type sounds. I turned on the demo expecting to hear rain or chimes and was greeted with a continuous head vibration. :joy: Super cool that you were able to make this. It sounds terrific!

You should definitely link the demo in your topic so people can hear it from the forums too!

PS: Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. Always great to see a new set of skills vibrating around the forums. Can’t wait to see more of your work.