[RELEASED] NEON SIGNS Hype Pack- Suitable for your Interior Designs,Video Game- VR+Mobile Ready

The BeanBag chairs for Mobile, PC and VR is now released on the marketplace.

The next pack submitted is the Neon Signs that Im really hyped with how these turned out and I want to share them early before they reach the Marketplace in the coming weeks.
Crafted and Optimized by a technical Artist these assets are thoroughly tested and finessed.
You wont be disappointed!

This Pack is the 2nd to be available Launch price of $4.99 Click here

The 1st Pack Fat Bean Bag pack is certified by Unreal and live on the Marketplace

Add something special to your scene and make sure its optimized! ArchvizGO is guaranteed

Crafted to run on the Mobile or Oculus GO whilst retaining high detail and quality.
Also included is the LODs version for Vive or Rift and PC.

Also looks great on PC/XBOX/PS4!

MATERIALS FEATURE LIST: 6 Master and 15 Material Instances

  • Vertex Paint on Red Channel to paint neon tubes off.
  • Static switch to toggle Neon light
  • Change Color Easily

11 Assets

**Oculus GO Neon Assets: **LOD0: 256Traingles (Diamond)

**PC/XBOX/Vive/Rift Assets : **[with lods + collision], LOD0: 2000 Triangles , LOD1: 1400, LOD3: 256 (Diamond)

Also included in the Neon Sign Pack is 1 BeanBag Chair from the BeanBag Pack

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If anyone has a request for a certain neon sign they want to see you can request it here or by email.

On sale here: Click here

The 1st Pack: Bean Bag chari pack is certified by Unreal and live on the Marketplace