[RELEASED] Multiplayer World Origin Rebase Tool

This project creates a grid of actors on the editor and calls the new origin of the world individually for each Player when he overlaps his collision. This project is focused on a grid tool that reposition the origin of the world individually for each player. It allows each player to have their own origin in the world and to share objects and their location on the server relatively.

**It allows for giant worlds or space games.:rolleyes:


Video demonstration:

Rebasing the origin of the world for each player on server - YouTube


Put the actor: GridGenerator_BP in the world

Put the actor: GetWorldOrigin_BP in the world

In the editor select the actor GridGenerator_BP in the world click on the details tab and there will be buttons and parameters that can be controlled in the editor to generate the grids, increase the radius of the cube if it is an even value or a rectangle if it is an odd value or remove it.

The actor: GetWorldOrigin_BP uses a 3d widget to allow the user to view the origin of the world during the game.