[Released] Modular Loot Drops

The Modular Loot Drops Package is a ready to use loot component system with the aim to create rewarding Loot moments.

Multiple loot assets like treasure chests, crates, a weapon rack, a barrel, bone piles and a carcass with several loot drops like coin stashes, equipment, crystals and gems are ready to be assembled to build your own unique loot composition.
Be it a top down RTS or RPG or a third person, it doesn’t matter – loot needs to feel pleasing and rich in variety.

Each asset uses a master material and a mask texture, which allow you to tweak its visual appearance in detail. Gems and crystals have their own master material for extra shininess!
On the logical side a Loot Actor helps you to define type of drops for a specific loot asset, a drop zone and drop behavior as well as visual and aural feedback.

A plug-and-play Drop Component makes it possible to let any actor get dropped from such Loot Actors. Basic particle systems are attached exemplary to visualize a rewarding moment for interaction with loot and drops.
Sounds are included as well to round the package up and make it ready to get your hands on.

To help you to get started with your new loot, the pack contains a few fully functional loot bases which implement all of the features and their customization.
Furthermore the Loot Manager and its relatives give you the ability to handle loot tables on a global map scale.