[RELEASED] Measure Tool RealTime / VR

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Measuring tool. Perfect for implementing architectural projects.

Easy to implement in your projects. Even for those who do not understand anything about Blueprints or programming.

It contains 3 options of metric systems: Metro; Inch; Chi.

2 languages: Portuguese; English;

Change options for all your colors.

Comes included, system of alternation of cameras: First Person Character and Pawn Fly.

Easy implementation for VR by adding inputs from your VR controller to use. * In this case the user needs to add.

In this case the user needs to add their VR usage control: In the project root folder in the BluePrints subfolder: Open BP_ChangeSpawnLevelandInputs and in the functions search for the name of “Inputs”: Here you will find the input specifications for VR.

Subsequently, you will need to add the “BP_Comp_Measure” component in your Pawn and configure it. Technical Information

  • Accurate measurements using both the imperial and metric system
  • Will accurately measure = Inches, Feet, Miles, Centimeters, and Meters
  • Set Custom Colors
  • Set Maximum Text Scale by distance
  • Set Ignore Objects to be ignored
  • Set Scale of Laser
  • Set Collision Scale
  • Set Maximum Fractional Digits

Number of Blueprints:

4 Blueprints

1 Example Map

8 Widget

9 Materials

2 Pawn Class

2 Statics Mesh

6 Textures

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows Tags ARCHVISBLUEPRINTSENVIRONMENTS