Released long term project

This is a login system that uses VaRest in order to connect to an SQL database. This system allows anyone to connect to your machine from anywhere so far as proper ports is open for connection. This project belongs to Pally Qle; He has told me to post a thread for him explaining some of the pros and cons of this system. I have this project set up on my own client machine and is it fully operational. private message me and I can schedule a live demonstration with just you specifically. The bottom line is that anyone with internet can connect to your server and play on your map.

I will update this post with pictures when I return from work in about 8 hours. I am currently working on demo characters for Pally to add to his full package when he determines it is ready for release (which should be at the end of the year.) Check out the tutorial above for now!

Additional information:

Above shows connections where Pally actually connected on his own system then on my system while i was away at work. The plan in the futuere is to attempt to combine this system with something like the minecraft voxel for UE4 created by Dev Tefel for an immersive multiplayer experience! More posts will be made updating the progress of this project.