[RELEASED] Interactive Objects System V2

Hello, i just released a new update for my Interactive Objects System

Marketplace: Interactive Objects System V2 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Overview video: Youtube

Playable demo: First Person Demo | Third Person Demo

What is Interactive Objects System V2?

Interactive Objects System V2 is a fully customizable and modular system for interaction with objects, triggers, doors, windows, items, furniture, physics and more.


  • 100% Blueprints.
  • Easy migration.
  • Compatible with Third and First Person.
  • Openable Doors and Windows.
  • Swing door with physics.
  • Interactive triggers: Number pads, buttons, terminals (With 3D widgets), levers, pressure plates and more…
  • Interactive items with physics.
  • Full inventory system with weight, inventory UI, and journal.
  • Examples of consumable items.
  • Items containers.
  • Gabbable physics objects.
  • Interactive furniture: Drawers, Cupboards and Chests.
  • Interactive lights.
  • Elevators based on spline movement.
  • Key system for doors and other objects.
  • All systems are based on Actor Components and Blueprint Interfaces.

Number of Blueprints: 95
Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No

V2.0 Changelog

  • Reorganization of folders and assets.
  • A completely new Overview map.
  • Actions and Triggers logic moved to Actor Components (AC_ActionComponent and AC_TriggerComponent).
  • Part of the character’s logic has been moved to the Actor Components.
  • “BP_MainDoor” renamed to “BP_MainHinge”.
  • “BP_InteractiveItem” are now child of “BP_PhysicsObject”.
  • Changed logic of doors (Hinge). Now there’s more customization options.
  • Added new options for triggers: Float triggers (That can partially opens a door), Terminal (With 3D widget) and other simple triggers.
  • Added a new container logic (AC_ContainerComponents). This new component adds a inventory to interactive objects (Like chests for example) that can be picked by the player.
  • Added new furniture like Drawers and Cupboards.
  • Added physics objects that the player can grab.
  • Added harvest logic for interactive foliage and others.
  • Added interactive light logic that can be activated using triggers.
  • UI now has full gamepad support.
  • Some minor changes to the UI have been made.
  • Fixes to the user interface of the inventory system.
  • Fixed an issue in the inventory system where when dropping an equipped weapon, the weapon would remain equipped after being removed from the inventory.

V2.1 Changelog

  • Added new UI elements for interactions and items.
  • Added sounds for interactions and items.
  • Added new player character example for First Person.
  • Changes and fixes for weapons examples.