[Released] - gFur, free shell based fur plugin

Hey everybody,

we have released our free shell based fur plugin called gFur - gFur v3 Free - discontinued from UE 4.26, please have a look at gFur PRO in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Have fun :slight_smile:

PS: - There is one crucial step (that’s mentioned in the installation guide) - you have to manually (for now) copy the shader file “GFurFactory.ush” to “Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Shaders\Private” or any similar path you may have on your system.

Hi, I’ve downloaded the free gfur and installed on 4.18 fixing the GFurFactory.ush error.
Now, I have added the Gfur component to a skeletal mesh but don’t find any materials or shaders to test it. Are there some? At least one material example should be there.


how plugins work and the distribution through the Marketplace is a bit new to us, so there might be some issues for a few days.
With that said, there should definitely be a gFur standard shader with the plugin.

Could you please try a windows search on any logical folder (UE/gFur plugin related) and look for “GFur_Standard_Shader-SH”. Plus there is a material instance of that shader called “GFur_Standard-MAT”.
Also there should be a few noise and fur pattern textures.

If something from those is missing, we will definitely try to find a way how to get it work.

Thanks, I’ve found the Content assets in the installed plugin folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GFur\Content
There is the entire Level with materials and shaders and gfur animated mesh there! Thanks
That Content folder should stay in an Unreal Project not there! :slight_smile:
Just create an unreal empty project and then copy that Content in the project Content directory.

Yeah, but then there were some issues with the submission.
I’m almost sure we got something wrong or we got confused with the submission process (plugins are different to assets). So this way we were able to pass the submission, yet it’s not ideal. Will try to make it more streamlined in some update.

Edit: I think we had to submit only the “Plugins” folder, so putting the content there seemed like the only way to get the materials/textures/map to the installation process. But as I said, I suspect we just didn’t understand some bits, so if someone is certain and would explain, that would be appreciated.

Yes, engine Plugin is separated from a Project. I think you did all fine except the Content GFur folder must be placed inside a new Project folder. Just create a Project for UE 4.18, copy the GFur folder in the new project Content folder, save all the project in a rar file, upload on your GIM site and link it in the markeplace description page as a demo scene so anyone who downloads the plugin will also download the demo scene and be able to test it.

I was hopping that the content can be easily distributed with the plugin itself. But hosting the project files on our server is good idea too. Not sure if that will be ok with Epic though.

Is just a plugin demo content…nothing to sell so Epic should be fine. I think will be fine.

Here my GFur 4.18 project test attached, just 8MB after zipping to rar.
I added the PhysicsAsset_0 in the Mesh folder to add collision to the mesh.

Any tutorials for this?

How does the Pro version of gfur compare to Neofur? After watching your Deer video, I have a few questions. Are you able to achieve the same hair and fuzzy look with physics as Neofur? Does GFur use the same type of procedures as Neofur or is GFur better and in what way? Here is an almost a whitepaper of Neofur and I was wondering if GFur will go beyond what Neofur was…

(Note: yes, the following is showing the unity version but the code is similar)

Hello, I’m not sure about the exact comparison to Neofur. I would say we are going our own way. For us it felt like Neofur was getting a bit too complicated for what the shell based system can do anyway.
So we are more after speed/optimizations so that it’s usable in real time game scenarios.


I have been trying to follow the User Manual but I can not seem to get it to work on 4.18. Do you have a tutorial for the set up on youtube? I feel like I must be missing something?

This is the result I am getting.

Do you have fur splines assigned?
In the 1.1 version we have submitted together with 4.19 update, you will be able to generate the fur via meshes.

Will the mesh features move into the free version, When is that happening, any ETA?


It looks like i can’t get the Spline Guide to work, and didn’t find any help about that on the internet… My splines come from the vertices and everything looks good but whenever i assign it, fur disapear. I even imported the exemple slpine guide to see if i was doing anything wrong but i can’t understand the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated !! :slight_smile:

Hi there!! I downloaded 3dsMax2018 and worked from there and it looks like everything is working well again!! Hope this can help people being stuck as i was, most of the times solutions are so simple you don’t think about it first :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

Sorry for the issues you are having. We are working on updates and better documentation, but are somewhat overloaded with work so everything is taking longer than expected and longer than we like.

That should be already out.