[Released] GameLiftSample Plugin

GameLiftSample is sample project for Amazon GameLift(Dedicated Game Server Hosting - Amazon GameLift - Amazon Web Services). It includes not only GameLift Client and Server SDK but also a manual for how to build and upload dedicated server on GameLift. It has widgets for server browsing of GameLift as well.

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It’s available on Gumroad at this moment. GameLiftSample

Engine Compatibility
4.15 - 4.25
Intended Platform : Window for client, Window & Linux for dedicated server

UE4Editor Setting
map mode.PNG

Upload dedicated server build on GameLift

Create Fleet

Scaling Fleet

Player Sessions
game session.PNG


Server browsing of GameLift


On your example, if a session fills up with 10 players, will another instance be created automatically?

Thank you

As we talked in skype, this is a screen in aws console. You can setup scaling policies.

This is interesting, ill pick it up thanks.

I have just one question about one of the last parts of the tutorial (adding Amazon Gamelift Code) , I see that you have to create a GameMode where you put the next code
// “GameLiftFPS” is a sample game name, replace with file names from your own game project #include “GameLiftFPS.h” #include “Engine.h” #include “EngineGlobals.h” #include “GameLiftFPSGameMode.h” #include “GameLiftFPSHUD.h” #include “GameLiftFPSCharacter.h” #include “GameLiftServerSDK.h” AGameLiftFPSGameMode::AGameLiftFPSGameMode() : Super() { //Let’s run this code only if GAMELIFT is enabled. Only with Server targets! #if WITH_GAMELIFT … I create a c++ Game Mode Base script , but it has other format (photo in Attachments) So I am not sure if I missing something or if is other scritp that I have must use.

Updated 4.18

Hey, just bought this and was testing locally using GameLiftLocal and it crashes when you click on the session to join. More specifically, it crashes on CreatePlayerSession. Any ideas as to why this is happening? I am using UE4.18.2.

Can you post where it crashed? And did you set test endpoint?

Hey, ya, test endpoint is localhost:8080, I set IsLocalTest to true. I am not getting a stack trace, it just says that the Unreal process has stopped working. I have narrowed it down to the line GLClient->CreatePlayerSession(req). And inside of that, the crash occurs. I don’t know what could be going wrong.

The photo attached shows the GameLiftLocal client log and it seems like the player session is being created, but then when it comes back to Unreal it crashes. Any ideas?

Also, CreateGameSession works perfectly fine.

Process to Replicate:
Package Game as WindowsServer.
Run the GameLiftLocal.jar from command line.
Run the WindowsServer.
Run the Game Client (with configs: TestEndpoint(localhost:8080) and IsLocalTest(true)), click create session, then click on the session to join.

I used to work. Let me check it. In the meanwhile, you can run it on GameLift.

GameLiftLocal doesn’t fully support for Gamelift API. It’s working on GameLift.

Integrated GameLift FlexMatch.

Upgraded 4.20/4.21 and added new features


  • It needs GameMode and MapName properties to travel. Maxplayers will be Max count which is gamelift player session count.
  • You can add more gameproperies and retrieve them by OnStartGameSession delegate.

Dedicated server settings for autoscale

  • GameLift is checking health in every 60 seconds. Dedicated server shut down itself if it doesn’t get health check for MaxHealthCheckTime. Default value is 180 seconds.
  • Dedicated server shut down itself if it has no player for MaxEmptyServerTime.Default value is 180 sec.

Supported Amazon Linux


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