[RELEASED] Flathead = UE4 + Javascript

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I’m so excited to see this is really fleshing out so quickly Bob! I’m going to check it out once it becomes a bit more developed but it looks so great so far. Can’t wait to use it! Thanks for sharing!

Apparently there is an issue with home built engines not loading plugins appropriately. I have posted about this and will be including any fixes they provide, as well as any suggested details about the install process in the next release. For now, it is only supported on Win 64 machines with standard installs of UE4.

I’ll have to take you up on that offer, to bad right now my schedule is a little busy to tinker on this thing (silly real work getting in the way of fun :wink: ).

Oh my god, you’re telling me I can code in unreal using LiveScript!? (fork of CoffeeScript)
That’s unreal.

This is an amazing project, thanks for picking JS over say lua or other popular scripting languages :slight_smile: , this will enable thousands of webpeople todo stuff using only BPs together with this plugin.
Will you work on documentation as the api progresses?

Again, thanks!

Thanks So much for making this plugin available :slight_smile:

I do not know C++ but I do know JS.

Like gsci said above - Will you be providing documentation as the API progresses?

If yes? Where can I donate?

  • Ben

Yes, absolutely. I think it may be possible to document the API and capabilities as a sub page off of the Wiki page, at least for now. Later on I will open up a bug tracker and wiki - probably hanging off of GitHub or BitBucket, but for now its on Trello. I hope to hear more about the needs people have and what direction they would need things to be going.

I don’t think this will be a donation based process.
I am about to draw the line for RC2, so expect an update in the next few days. =)

Win32 is now supported
More objects are now able to be defined.

So it is going to be a paid for plugin or will it be open source?

I just shot you a invite on Skype. :slight_smile:

It will likely be a paid for plugin.

Well if ya do around how much you gonna be charging?

I am not sure just yet. Depends on my time invested.
I talked with a couple of people and think that ~ $5 USD may be a good price point, but it depends on a number of factors.

Hey bob

You should charge at least 10 to 15 for this awesome plugin allot of work is going into it. Do not settle for less :slight_smile:

Yeah I think $5 is quite unfair unless implementing this plugin was close to trivial. I would imagine paying much higher for something which achieves this.

I will do my best to keep the price point reasonable. I completely understand your positions though. I have not nailed down any of the marketplace details just yet, I will let you know though. =)

In other news, my apologies for not having an update to you guys sooner. I think the next update will be the one that will make you all realize the potential for this plugin. Its really quite amazing how much flexibility is provided by something as simple as integrating a language like JS. I may need to include source access as well, maybe ill do like Epic has and provide you all with the ability to see the guts of the plugin so you can do what you need. It may be better turned into a module and not used as a plugin. All discussions that we can have going forward.

Soon! An update will be in your hands soon!

Really looking forward to this next update!

Also what IDE/Dev tools would you recommend using? I know we can use Chrome and Firefox as they have integrated development tools. But those tools are for the web mainly.

Thanks for your time,


I don’t think there is an IDE that you really would need. I prefer sublime text over most any other editor for JS work, but thats really just my preference because I dont like NP++ and i need something thats cross platform.

You can always edit your code in MSVS, but the debugger is not a supported feature atm so its only serving the role of text editor. I am trying to follow the JS standard from mozilla’s website to help make sure that the environment isn’t too intensely different, but as time goes on that may change. This weekend both Exodus and V8 are on my plate so hopefully ill be able to push a new build out the door for both!


hey bob! thanks for great work, I do a bunch of web work in node and such.

Do you have any examples of something of how you are integrating some basic stuff?

I will be including a sample project with the next release that will walk through exposing classes, interacting across the boundary and how to leverage some basic JS closures to help organizing code.
The eventing system will likely also be featured.