(Released) Exogensis- A sci-fi exploration Ark

I would like to introduce you all to my map, Exogenesis.
It’s a sci-fi map with a focus on exploration and tech resources that is set on a prototype Ark that served as not only a test-bed for the Arks but also for conducting isolated research. The goal with the setting is to create a Ark that is abandoned and deteriorating, that then players can repair and interact with to open up new areas and gameplay options.

I realize many Ark players do not like the sci-fi aspects of Ark, and that’s ok - then this map may not be for them. But if they like sci-fi and exploration I hope they find Exogenesis a fun experience with something unique to offer.

Exogenesis is also focused on the more alien aspects of Ark, and I hope to include new custom alien creatures, and more alien foliage, in the future.
Though it’s still very work-in-progress I think there’s enough content there to offer some gameplay and allow the community to offer some feedback, so what would the community like Exogenesis to offer, in terms of not just new content but in how the map would fit within the existing gameplay and progression of Ark.

Right now the map act’s mostly as a way to farm high-tech resources, but the plan is to eventually include new resources and items that augment the current tech-tier and aid in exploration.

Currently I’m working on expanding the gameplay area, finishing the first “cave”( the stations water reclimation system) and prototyping a server-wide meta event.
Please let me know your feedback and ideas, they are very much appreciated.

Link below: