[Released] Collateral Damage - A Music Library for Cyberpunk Themed Games and Movies

Aren’t you tired of browsing pages after pages to find fitting songs for your project and seeing that when you put them all together they ​sound musically inconsistent like they were collected from bunch of places and just taped together in the end?

Going through hundreds of catalogs of music and realizing that the songs are not even incompatible with each other no matter how much time you put into the seeking is discouraging and overwhelming.

Collateral Damage is designed to take care of all of these issues with a reasonable price tag. The album includes 27 cyberpunk/futuristic themed songs in total of 85 minutes. The song genres in the album vary from menu themes to exploration themes to encounter themes to dance and chase themes by not being limited to only these genres. Every single song in the album is sharing either the same or similar keys, themes, concepts and dynamics to avoid and eliminate any musical inconsistency that might occur in dynamic media such as video games where transitioning from one song to another happens frequently. Collateral Damage overcomes all these problems by having a production that centred around the quickly changing scenery and atmosphere of today’s mediums.

Improve Your Medium’s Artistic Values by Letting A Professional Take Care Of It

With the help of Collateral Damage, you will no longer need to search for individual tracks that sound incompatible witch each other on multiple websites. Focus on your development process and let this album released by One Man Symphony handle the musical aspect of your project for you.

Technical Information:

  • 27 tracks in one album with a reasonable price tag
  • Buying the album grants you a licence that lets you use any of the songs in the album in any of your projects (video games, films, podcasts, Twitch streams, etc) let it be a personal or a commercial one, unlimitedly. Pay once, keep it forever.
  • No attribituon is required.

Other Technical Information:

  • Total Duration: 85 Minutes
  • File Format: Lossless WAV
  • Bit Depth: 32Bit Float
  • Bitrate: 450kbps

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by One Man Symphony

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