[released]: Cinematic trailer collection, hollywood blockbuster music

Are you looking for epic, blockbuster, hollywood style trailer music for your game??
Look no further and have a listen to my bran new

**Cinematic Trailers Collection

You can use it for game intro or end title screens, trailers, credits, menu, hold screens, or as background music in a game.


  1. War Operations (looped) (0:56)
  2. Knight of the dark (loop / no loop) (1:37)
  3. Infiltration (loop / no loop) (0:46)
  4. Into the darkness (loop / no loop) (0:37)
  5. Fallen heroes (loop / no loop / no intro) (1:26)

The collection will create massive mash-ups and intense experiences that will raise the blood pressure in your audience. The arrangement includes cinematic impacts, risers, thuds, strikes, flybys, whooshes, drones, hums, power shots and hits. It is suited for sci-fi, warfare, action, extreme sports, fantasy, first person shooters, etc.

Listen to the whole songs here:

I’m updating this collection adding one track and raising the price…
get it now! :slight_smile:

hint: the new track will be this one!

may I bump!? :slight_smile: