[RELEASED] Character Creator - Epic IK-Bone for UE4

Character Creator - Epic IK-Bone for UE4 Export in version 3.1


Reallusion releases Character Creator, a new update featuring character creation and animation solutions for realtime engines. The new update enhances the workflow for importing and editing 3D character clothing and assets, and an intelligent character pipeline for Unreal Engine 4.

Character Creator 3.1 Demo Video

What’s new in Character Creator 3.1 ? :rolleyes:

Intelligent Game Pipeline for Unreal Engine 4

The “Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup” is officially released for Unreal Engine 4. Game developers can take advantage of the automatic process of shader assignment, skeleton mapping and LOD deployment, and enjoy the upgraded export options customized for Unreal Engine 4.

** CC3.1 FBX export and iClone Live Link both support Auto Setup and Epic IK-bone.*

  • **Export Motion-only FBX - **effectively accelerates the process of applying motions to the existing character.
  • **Multiple LODs in One FBX - **one motion application works for all LOD meshes due to the shared bone architecture.
  • Option to Separate Eyelash for Game Base - increases the flexibility of character application. With this option ticked, you will get a character with much detailed eyelash for close-up view.
  • **Export Mouth-Open Morph - **provides control options for tools mainly using CC Character facial blendshapes, such like real-time lip-syncing add-ons.
  • **Epic IK-Bone Support for Unreal Engine Export - **Add Unreal IK bones to characters when exporting FBX, CC / iClone characters compatible with motion files acquired from the Unreal Marketplace, it also allows UE4 rigged characters utilizing iClone edited motions or motion files sold in Reallusion Store.

**Enhanced Workflow for Bringing in 3D Character Assets **

One of the best features for **Character Creator **(CC) is its ability to bring in external content through Transformer, GoZ, or utilize the Auto-Skin-Weight OBJ-in pipeline, and save them as native CC assets. However, due to the complexity of source 3D files, it may lead to certain issues.

In the latest version 3.1, Reallusion has added several new functions like Cloth Hide Mesh Tool, Weld Vertices, and Consolidated Materials, so users can easily fix those frequently found issues while importing content from 3D Scans, Sketchfab, Poser, Daz Studio, or other marketplace resources.

Removal of Skin Poke-through when Importing New Clothes

** In CC3.1, you can save the hide mesh information in the cloth, a great benefit for users importing cloth assets from Daz Studio, Poser, Sketchfab, even design from ZBrush or Marvelous Designer.*

  • **Cloth Hide Body Mesh Tool - **provides character templates to easily define hidden area of the body mesh when dressing on clothes. Face selection and brush tools are also available for refined editing.
  • **Weld Vertices - **repairs surface breakage of the imported assets.
  • **Consolidate Materials - **combines the redundant materials which share the same textures to decrease the overall file size and enhance performance. It also helps to organize materials for grouped adjustment.

Other Content Enhancements

To further make ease of the character content usage, and gives better lighting options. There are more handy features introduced in Character Creator 3.1.


  • The support of standard IES gives realistic light patterns to point light and spotlight. More IES resources can be freely downloaded from the internet.

    • **AvatarPreset - **provides a fast way to change the 3D head. Now it can save the head morph, skin texture, dedicated eyes and teeth settings, as well as facial animation profile (3dxFaceAnimProfile) especially defined for perfect eye close.
    • **MaterialPlus - **better organizes assets by using several material modules, effectively change a group of materials for a certain part of the asset.
    • **IES - **the support of standard IES gives realistic light patterns to point light and spotlight. Free library is included in this version, and you can freely downloaded more resources from the Internet.

Visit the Reallusion Forum for details about Character Creator 3.1.

Hello, is it possible to export selected morph targets from CC3 to UE4?
Things like head shape, body proportions and other things important to tweak the character in game.

Hello, currently you can pick facial morph exports. Already suggested to add the option to also export other body parts.