[RELEASED] Blueprint Footsteps Framework

This is the SUPPORT thread for the asset Blueprint Footsteps Framework, feel free to ask any support question.


A framework to manage footsteps sounds, surface footprints and particles for any Skeletal Mesh Character.
A key feature is the capability to work with any slope-based landscape material. Usually you can detect only one surface when you deal with a slope-based layer which encodes more layers; this asset has been built to overcome this limitation.


  • Supports slope-based landscape materials
  • Quick setup - 100% Blueprint
  • Compatible with any Skeletal Mesh Character
  • Sounds are fired based on the surface type
  • Each sound is randomized with variations and pitch/volume
  • Easy to integrate (follow the tutorial)
  • Decals & particles are spawned based on surface type
  • Decals are fully customisable (lifetime, fade, glowing effect, separate foot control, textures, etc…)
  • Comes with an API system

I’ll keep this asset updated with new features, so stay tuned!


Due to a known issue affecting the UE4 4.24 landscape system, the package is not yet available for 4.24.
There is a bug that prevents to detect collisions only on landscape surfaces, so is not possible to fire sounds.
But don’t worry! The Epic team has already fixed the issue in their internal build and it will be available very soon.
After I check that everything is ok, I’ll update the package for 4.24.

The package is now **available **for UE4 4.24

The latest HOTFIX solved the aforementioned issue.

Congrats on a really nice package! I love when a developer makes components (and other helpers), just makes integration so easy!
I sent you and email with two quick questions. Thanks for the great plugin!