[RELEASED] Bird Band

Bird Band - This pack is a set of four birds that are perfect for the environment.


• 4 low poly birds with skeletal rig
• 3 stage LOD model
• Texture generator will help to prepare the birds for different scenes and lighting
• A total of 26 animations that add any scene individuality
• AI Blueprints allows you to easily create a bird crowd
• Diffuse, Normal and mask textures 2048x2048

This pack is a set of animation and Artificial Intelligence, responsible for the basic behavior of birds.
You can easily use it in their projects, and add different behaviors of birds.



Any chance of seagulls? Do you have a list of animations?

“Any chance of seagulls?” - I did not understand the question

All animations are broken down into sequences, and animation start of the key positions and they come back.
You can easily mix animation with each other.

All animation is shown in the video.

He wants to know if there is a chance you will be including seagulls in your pack.

Seagulls will not be in this pack.

The pack includes four birds, which is enough to add the atmospherics for different scenes - whether it’s a city postapocalypse or forest views.

yeah i also wanted to see seagulls, i like to work with beaches and ocean landscapes :confused:

I became interested in what cases would you use the hawk.

But none of the included birds work for ocean scenes.

why do the animations flicker, I added to 4.11.2 project, added hawk to the scene and walking/flying animation stutter?
Am I doing something wrong?

Please make a small video to see your problem.
Show the video that you are doing before you put a bird on the scene.

Hi Alibarba.

I understand that you have all turned out. I think that your animation flicker due
to the fact that you pulled out at the same place a few birds. It always creates a flicker
due to overlay mesh with each other - Z-fighting.

I use hawk in the forest scenes, and a scene with lookout tower, to make them look more natural.

Thank you for this pack! I think that you sell this pack for very cheap!

Is very cheap! :smiley: I wanted to make this pack available to all. Therefore, the four bird’s in the pack
and not more - this would make it more expensive.

I’ll pay more for the seagull.

Are there any options to get the pigeons to fly upwards instead of fly close to the ground?



This video does not work anymore. What was the answer?