[RELEASED] Beefy Water Hole

Hello! I have a new stylized water blueprint + particle system out on the marketplace. Please check it out!

Marketplace: Beefy Water Hole in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

Featuring an unlit, stylized water material with 50+ parameters for customization - Includes animated shorelines ( w/ options for Depthfade, DistanceFields, or Heightmap based techniques), vertex paint masking, wave color highlights, opacity effects, refraction, and simple wave vertex animations. Perfect for clear and colorful streams, murky swamps, and toxic pools!

**An efficient blueprint system for constructing tile-able water meshes and splines **- Ideal for small lakes, ponds, creeks and streams. Change water mesh, material, and default particles for enter and exit splashes (if an overlapping actor uses the BeefyInteraction component system, those particles specified in the component are used).

Easy to use BeefyInteractionComponent blueprint system designed for Player/Object particle interactions. Set custom particles to spawn while entering , exiting, wading, or idling in water - adjust particle spawn time intervals, and assigns particle color depending on the water blueprint material instance parameters. Also includes example ThirdpersonPlayer, Projectile, and StaticMeshActor showing how to integrate ActorComponent particle system.

**** Does not include underwater post-processing effects, physics, or reflections.**