[RELEASED] Ballistic Missiles

Ballistic Missiles

Link :…istic-missiles

A set of 4 ballistic missiles, 2 launchpads, and 4 different missile silos. You can use these ballistic missiles, launchpads, or missile silos to decorate your modern or historical war environments.


  • 4 ballistic missiles with a Texture set.
  • 1 launchpad for the V2 missile with 2 Textures and 2 Animations (one for the idle state and another for opening the launchpad)
  • 1 launchpad for the Iskander missile with only 1 Texture
  • 4 different silos for the Iskander (light/full, open/closed). They are not animated but can open and close them by replacing one mesh/material with another. An example is provided in the level Blueprint.