[Released] Art of Shader - Distortion And Glitches

The third installment of my Art of Shader series, Distortion And Glitches is now on Marketplace.


This is a set of 40 Highly Customizable Post Process Effects that can be combined, grouped, split and localized to give a unique distorted and glitched effect to your actors and scenes. Each of these 40 Effects are used as :

  1. Post Processs Blendable Material, which works with Post Process Volume and affects your entire scene, or certain objects via Custom Depth using Stencil.
  2. Niagara FX Material, which works with Niagara System and can affect only certain area of your environment, depending on where and how the particles are spawning.
  3. Mesh Materials, where we can glitch certain Textures, or displace vertices via World Displacement, enabling glitching an object Color and Position.

Since this is a part of the Art of Shader family, it has all the features common to the series. To learn more about it visit the documentation page : https://docs.athiangames.com/doc_artofshader

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