Released an Unreal Engine 5 build on macOS Ventura beta and Xcode 14.0 beta

Hey all! Looking forward to getting into some serious development on Unreal Engine and pushed out a quick & dirty build to support the just-announced macOS 13.0 Ventura and Xcode 14.0 betas.

You can download the working Unreal Engine build here.

I’ll be focusing on the new Metal 3 API, and seeing what steps I can take to get Unreal Engine off Rosetta and closer to an Apple M1 native arm64 binary.

Let’s see what happens :smile:


Hail to you Master Wabi :raised_hands:

compile isn’t working with xcode but i managed to get the editor running at least. shadercompileworker also seems to be working fine. Xcode project doesn’t build and does not work with c++. Also when enabling plugins and restarting it just sends me back to the epic games launcher and says it can’t open the project. When i reopen the project manually the plugins are still not enabled. Performance seems to be slightly better but overall it makes this version worthless since the main reason i needed it is xcode 14 compatibility.

I have downgraded to Xcode 13 using the instructions in here.

Ventura keeps saying that the version of Xcode is not compatible and that I need to upgrade but UE5 works and compiles and that is all I care XD