Released a small simple game on android

Hello everyone!

I made a small ball juggling game on blueprint. It would be great if you could test it and write which device you use and how it goes. If you have any suggestions or questions I will be glad to hear it:)

if you will search it on devices write it in one word “FOOTBALLjuggler”

Congrats on the release. Tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, seems to work as intended. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Denny

Tried it on my Samsung S5 and it is working fine… very nice work man
The only thing that I can say is that sometime, the score menu appear 2 times in a row (like ending the next round before I even start it)
But thats it!

Thank you for feedback, RaidX. I will try to fix it.

I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S4, works fine.
The application seems to require a bit too much memory to run, this is what I noticed.

Anyway, nice little game!

Congrats on the release Accumu1ator :). You mind creating a tutorial series on how you did and deployed this game to Android? Am specifically interested in the achievements system.

Great job Accumu1ator! I will have to give this game a try in the next couple of days. It may be a simple game but it is a simple game done right. Keep up the great work!

Thank you, guys! I appreciate it.
Memory… yeah:) I hope someone can tests it on pretty weak device and says how it goes.

Actually this is my first project and there is a little mess in it:) I don’t think tutorial will really help to someone:)
But if I will have any free time I do this. If you have some certain questions about achievements or deploing feel free to ask.

Runs great on my Samsung Galaxy S2

I’ve a few questions!

  1. Any space saving tips you could give on how you managed just 35meg install size?? My game I’m working on is not so much more complex and I’m up to 51meg - would love to get it under 50 …

  2. How did you do the dynamic shadow of the ball on the ground? I thought dynamic shadows were not supported yet?

  3. How to set the required Android version? Mines at “1.6 and up” which can’t be right surely? How’d you get yours set to 2.3?

Many thanks in advance!

Thanks Accumu1ator. :slight_smile:

1: How did you actually implement it? I assume you use Write Achievement Progress node…right? In the Achievement Name i think you use ID…right? How and where do you create Achievement ID’s/names? I would like to see a detailed tutorial on this and leaderboards.

2: How did you create the UI? UMG or Canvas?

Plus these below questions:

Does not run on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.
There’s just a black screen after starting the app, nothing happens.

  1. I found some method which I wrote here
    This method is far from perfectness:), if anybody can do it by changing ini files, please say me how.

  2. Actually, it is an object with transparent material. Its moving depends on Z location of the ball:)

  3. Hmm… I didn’t do anything for it. It sets automaticly.

1 No, my achievements created only in game without game center. Now I doing it properly as it is in TappyChicken. I will write how to do this after finishing:)

2 All in my game are 3d objects. Buttons, texts, menus and so on. And what is UMG and Canvas?:slight_smile:

Try remove it from tasks and run it one more time. I have the same issue with my game and TappyChiken too.

UMG is the new Unreal Motion Graphics for UI and such.

Hopefully this is noticed by a staff member who can help out more - in the meantime I’ll try your workaround as well

thought it might have been something like that - nice trick :slight_smile:

Would love to see a tutorial on using this? I spent the same amount of time creating a menu as the game itself! :frowning:

I get this problem all the time on my S2 as well. We’ll lose users I guess if the first time they run the game it gets stuck on a black screen :frowning:

UMG is Unreal Motion Graphics and Canvas is just a basic Blueprint HUD with parent set to HUD.h

Here is a simple tutorial.