Released 2 IN 1 PACK Parkour & Swimming Systems

FOR SALE ] It’s Finally Here and it’s a 2 IN 1 PACK,Check it Out: Parkour & Swimming Systems | UE4 {2 In 1} Pack
Watch the Video Demo of Both the Parkour and Swimming systems:
🎁[ For Sale ] Parkour & Swimming Systems | UE4 {2 In 1} Pack - YouTube

1- Parkour System:
Have you ever wanted to make a Free-running (Parkour) Game such as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst or Watch Dogs 2 for example? Now you CAN.

whether you are a beginner or a Pro using UE4, This Project is for YOU.

While designing this project we had a goal in mind and that is to give developers a system to help them make their games not just better but richer by helping to make a better player experience like no other .

Parkour system is used by a lot of AAA games out there, but now anyone and everyone can use it.We have tried not to use any Complex Line tracing in this system, just to make it simple clear and easy to use in any Third Person Project in a matter of minutes.

The project includes:

-10 Animation Montages ( counting the animations because they are actually FREE from Mixamo. Animation Setup Instructions included in this product + link for all the Animations).

-6 Different Blueprint obstacles Including: Simple obstacle (Response by :3 different animations), sideways movement while hanging. bar to swing, Wall to climb while running, Special Wall ( response Backflip animation on the wall )and Sliding Under Obstacle. Backflip and Dance ability (Just for Fun).

-AutoDetect if player is facing the obstacle to perform the Parkour or not.

-TPS to FPS and vice versa with just a key press at anytime in gameplay.

2- Swimming System:

This Pack also include a Swimming System.Ready to use at anytime + Swimming Pool.

Comes with:

-SwimmingVolume BP (Detects if the player is in a certain level inside the water ,so from that it will make the player either floats or Dives. Auto Detects if the player is colliding with something so it will smoothly stop the player from swimming fast to slowing down)

-Realistic UnderWater Effect.

-The New Realistic Water Surface Introduced by Epic Games.

-Link to all the animations. (Swimming inside water ,Floating ,Diving animations)

-Tutorial video instructions on how to use it in your own project very easily.

3- Bonus:

-Realistic Rain and Wetness effect that changes in time + link to video tutorial from Youtube.

(Technical Details:)

Rigged: (Uses Epic rig/ Mixamo rig or any re-targeted Humanoid character)

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Obstacles Blueprints works best if kept at the Default Scale.

Full made Project Map: Yes

Link to video tutorials Included: Yes

Platforms Tested: Windows

UE4 version: 4.13 or above.


You Can pay whatever you want to get this pack as long as it is more than 19.99, if you think this Pack deserves more you can pay the price you think it should have (It will be a support for us to continue giving better assets).What are you waiting for Get your Copy Now!


Hi could you help me fix this? its from the Parkour and swimming pack

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I posted this already in other threads of him, so I just quote it again.

And i have made it clear multiple times, the Pack comes with the BP System only, the animations are FREELY AVAILAVLE IN AN EXTERNAL LINK provided to the people who bought the system.Animations are separated.

@exi - That should be acceptable, since he’s not distributing the animations, yes?

Indeed, so i think it would be more appropriate to reedit my post and add the Link @eXi ?

The Pack link is in the description of this video Demo: 🎁[ For Sale ] Parkour & Swimming Systems | UE4 {2 In 1} Pack - YouTube