[RELEASE] Z-LockOn: Third Person Lock On System for Action RPGs

Z LockOn is an auto targeting system seen in such games like the Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. It allows you to lock on to a target, whether it’s an enemy or an NPC, and get the best view of them, especially during combat. An absolute essential for any third person action game or action RPG. It is currently available on the Unreal Marketplace.

** If you need Personal help with Z-LockOn, don’t afraid to email me:**


  • Easy Installation
  • Soft and hard lock on states
  • Switch between targets to the character’s left or right, using the analog stick on a gamepad or a button on the keyboard/mouse/gamepad
  • Smooth camera transitions between targets
  • Works with any third person UE4 game, Blueprint or C++
  • Essential addition for any RPG or third person action game

Technical Details:
Number of Blueprints: 3
Network Replicated: No
Engine Compatibility: 4.15, 4.16
List of Features:

  • One button camera lock on to enemy or NPC targets
  • Switch between targets on the left or right of the player with a button press or a flick of an analog stick
  • Easy installation
  • Fully customization

Documentation - Z-LockOn - Google Docs