Release version of Tappy Chicken crashes on start

Ue4 is a great engine but it don’t support a lot of and idevice , So will ue4 improve its support to those platforms soon ?
I just want to know before i start learning because i want to make games for mobile phones

Thanks a lot , I have read some threads where they that unreal don’t support a lot of mobile devices .
So according to what you said , unreal supports a good amount of mobile devices right ?

Hi anas_ali,

Epic has internally tested many devices, but there is no possibility of internal testing of all or even most devices. For a very general answer to the question of 'What devices does UE4 support, please see this AnswerHub thread. It is specific to , however the basic principles of checking the device GPU and extrapolating to your desired device remains the same.

This is a question that has been addressed a number of times on the forums and AnswerHub, so feel free to search around for more answers about whether or not UE4 is already known to support the specific device on which you wish to test. Just to help to dispel the idea that UE4 only supports a small amount of devices, can you tell me where you got your info?

Further, when you’re developing on a mobile device, and you see that it specifically is not on the compatible device list, feel free to add it to the public wiki I linked above. Here also is the Mobile Development Troubleshooting Guide, where you can see if there are any known issues with devices you wish to test. Feel free to add to that, as well.

I hope this helps.

I can’t speak to what you consider ‘a good amount’, but on the document we have internally tested and reported to the public 45 discrete devices available in the US alone. At the bottom of that page is a list of known tested devices from Epic Games Japan that has 57 devices. We do not have a public document for , but we’ve internally tested a pretty wide swath of available devices, from the iPod Touch to the iPhone 6 plus.

Like I mentioned, the way you can predict whether or not your device is likely to work is to look at device GPUs that are known to work, and see if your device’s GPU is related/within the same family of GPUs.

We’re never going to have a full list of what can possibly be supported for UE4 development, but that does not mean that if your device is not listed that it won’t work, you just have to do a bit of research and decide for yourself.

What OS on the iPod 4? From the Tappy Chicken description on the iTunes store:

Compatibility: Requires 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

I tested tappy chicken on an ipod 4 and it didn’t work

It is 6.1.6 that’s why after i tried it i asked the question to know if it compatible with good number of devices

Did you package Tappy yourself, or download it from the iTunes store?

Download it from the app store

It opens up i see the unreal logo then it crashes after a few seconds

It opens up i see the unreal logo then it crashes after a few seconds

When you say it didn’t work, what happens? Does it crash?

Can you check that you have enough space on your device for it? It’s 57.6 MB.

I have 1.0 GB storage is that enough ?
Btw that happens when i launch the game guncat too
But they both work fine on my ipad

That is how much you have free after installing Tappy Chicken? It could definitely be a storage issue. It can’t hurt to delete a few things to make sure you’re not running out of space. Delete Tappy after you’ve made some space, restart the iPod, then reinstall and try again.

Also, make sure you’re not running any other apps simultaneously that might be using up a lot of your available memory. Double-press the home button to bring up the multi-task switching bar and then close all apps that are running in the background by swiping each app.

Here’s an Apple support thread about frequent app crashes on the iPod.

I just got the 4.7 release version of Tappy Chicken from the iTunes store for the iPod Touch running 6.1.2 and it runs fine. I double checked the minimum supported OS version and it is 6.1. Can you also double check that you do have at least 6.1 as the minimum OS for your device?

Note that Guncat is not released by Epic Games, and has higher OS requirements:

Compatibility: Requires 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

It still didn’t work , anyway i don’t want it to work on my ipod , I just wanted to know if it is my own problem or any device with similar GPU /CPU won’t run games developed by ue4

Yes. If you develop your own games, you will be able to set the minimum OS supported. Good luck.

So i can set what device will run my game or just type what device are supported on the app store ?