[Release v0.1 alpha] UE4 Windows Script Tools ( Prefab Manager )


Version 0.1 alpha
By CyberAlien


Description : **
UE4 scripts Tools, is a Windows utility that allows the use of prefab, a multi-web search and a multi-clipboard, it aims to facilitate the use of the editor unreal engine.
The prefab management tool allows you to store prefabs create in the world via the clipboard, store as a document it allows the reuse of combinations of actor or node in the editor.
The multiple search tool allows you to search multiple sites in one click.
The last tool that is QuickClip, allows you to have several clipboards via keyboard shortcuts.

**ChangeLog :**v0.1 alpha Release :

  • Prefab Creator
  • Prefab Selector
  • MultiProject
  • QuickClip
  • Screenshot
  • WebSearch

FeatureWarning, this version is in beta, some functionality might not work

The current version does not support screenshots on multiple screens, thumbnails are not supported

win + d : Screenshot

win + c : create prefab

win + v : select prefab

win +f : search gui

ctrl + 1-0 : copie to slot

atl + 1-0 : paste from slot;base64;base64

QuickClipctrl + 1 to 0 ( not num pad ) : copie clipboard to slot

alt + 1 to 0 ( not num pad ) : paste slot to clipboard and paste to editor;base64


**win + f : **open web search gui

The system makes it possible to carry out a search on several sites at the same time, the configurations are saved in each profile project.;base64;base64

Using Prefabwin + c : create new prefab

win + v : select and paste prefab to clipboard ( and use ctrl + v for paste in editor )

Prefab uses the clipboard to create a copy in a file, so you can send that copy later in your unreal project.

For the moment the copy in unreal works hard because the editor does not want to create the copy while the clipboard is valid, after a while or if you paste a lot of times later, the editor will take it in account and it will work (editor bug?).

This bug is mostly present for world instance prefabs (actor group).

Once this step passes, it will work normally, I am currently working to get around the problem of validation of the clipboard.

Known bug with child actors, it is possible to work around this problem:

  • select an actor in the scene

  • then ctrl + v on this actor until components are added in that if

  • cancel the action, your clipboard is now valid