Release Updates/Patches for my game

Hi there,
I want to know , how can I make updates for my game in UE4, v4.7.3

Basically, every time I want to release my game with new features the people have to download the full game + extra content.
The game is about 6.25GB and downloading that every time is very dull.

If anybody knows anything, 3rd party programs, in the engine self, anything.

Thanks :smiley:


There is DLC support which i would imagine can somehow be used to to do updating. Where it would see only once package has been updated.
Never done this before.

So i would assume you split your game content over a few files. Like logic, assets etc. Then update those.

You can change the packaging settings in your project so that it makes smaller packages. Never tested it though…

Yes split them, Any links or tutorials for the DLC support?

No sorry. The only information i have seen regarding this were release notes from Epic.

Oh ok , bummer!!

Hey I see your location is in South Africa , I live in South Africa too!! Maybe we can talk on teamspeak or something??

I don’t know of any specific app by name, but I have seen in the past some utilities that are much like installers that compare the old/new files and create a difference file. This difference file is then used by a client utility/installer/updater program to sync the 2 versions ie make the old version = new version. The advantages are obvious - you only need to ship these difference files which are essentially just patch files (and usually very much smaller than the whole file - think binary differences) - maybe googling for something like patch utilities may get you closer to what you want. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I’ve created a launcher that works with UE games that don’t use .pak files - you can find it here:

While it may not be suited for larger game projects, it is useful for people who lack the time, money or energy to create a launcher for themselves, but still want to deploy and update their games. I plan on expanding the functionality of the launcher in the future to include things like binary diffing and file resuming.

Actually updating works in patching, within the UE4 Engine. Here check this out…

Try this plugin,