Release Preparations: EULA and Stuff.

I stumbled across this:

Now i have some questions, that are not answered there.

  1. Where to put the EULA? (Ingame? or is it enough to put the Document into the games Folder?)
  2. Do we “need” to put in this UE4-Logo/Intro-Video when the game starts? (the current one really does not fit the game in any way, can we use the UE4-logo instead?)
  3. “Add the following to your Credits <snipped>” - Where to put it, if the game has no credits, would it be okay to write it a the bottom of the screen in the Menu?
  4. Unreal related Trademarks? (what are these?)

I really have problems with what is written there, maybe someone can “simplify” and clear up that Lawyer-Speech.

Thank you!.

I would put the EULA with your installer. You can create an installer using something like NSIS:
There’s a lot you can do with that if you want to learn more about making installer scripts but it has a spot in there where you can select a Text file as your EULA so when they run the installer it will pop that up and agree to it to continue installing.
You don’t have to use the UE4 logo intro. That’s what the deal is with the Unreal trademarks, so if you want to use the logo anywhere you need to follow the branding guidelines and then get it approved.
I think you can put the disclaimer about using UE4 with the screen showing the Unreal logo or you could put it on the menu screen if you want.

Thanks for your reply.

Since there is no installer, i put the EULA into the Main-Menu of the game, and as a one-time-Popup when you first launch the game. (just to be on the safe side here)

No logo, nice!

I put the UE4-Usage-disclaimer into the main-menu (bottom right corner) - for now.

I think this will be fine? (dont want to get hit by Epic for accidentally making a mistake)

Hey Yaeko,

If you’d like to get a response from our release/legal team about these specific questions, please post them to under the category Legal & Licensing. They will be able to get a response to you there. Thanks for asking!