[RELEASE] Paper2D Side-scroller Parallax system

Download Link: - Google Drive


As I have not seen anything of the like to be found or described in a tutorial I am releasing my parallax system intended for Paper2D platformer games.

I’ve provided a sample project and video to demonstrate the system.

How it works:
There is a collision box(propBox) associated with the camera blueprint. When propBox overlaps a parallax item(Prop) the camera unhides the Prop and moves it accordingly. Props deeper(further from camera) within the propBox move at a slower rate. Within the blueprint this is called the “Y Modifier”. You can also adjust the base movement of Props. Once the Prop is out of the propBox is becomes hidden again. The hide/unhide code can safely be removed.

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer when I can.

Added link back, thanks for being patient to anyone that waited. Please feel free to comment.

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