Release: Modular Rome Equipment

Heyho ladies and gents,

we would love to introduce you to the Modular Rome Equipment pack which has a load of assets to equip a Roman character.

Multiple arms, chests, shoes, helmets, weapons and shields are ready to be assembled to your own unique composition.
Be a centurion, gladiator or raider – it’s your choice. Each equipment uses the same master material and a specific mask texture, which allows you to tweak its visual appearance in detail.
For compatibility to other asset packs (e.g. weapon animation sets) the delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton and the weapon and shield pivots are aligned to its hand grip. Animations are not included in this pack.

To help you to get started with your new equipment, the pack contains a fully functional character and character editor blueprint sample which implements all of the equipment and their customization.
Furthermore, there is some assistance about saving and loading a character customization or spawning NPCs from a given setup.
The pack is set to use the integrated clothing system from UE4.17. The cloth pieces are skinned but you can deactivate the dynamic cloth if your target platform is mobile etc pp.

You can change easily change the dress up system to use it for different types of characters. There is one basic head included that should be enough for prototyping.

A thumbnail capturer Blueprint is included. You can easily create your own icons directly in UE4 without any external DCC needed.
Technical support with the Blueprint Character Editor from Petricore Systems.

You will find a “tips and tricks” pdf with a proper documentation of the system - how does it work? how to change things?

What would you like to see next?
We look forward to your feedback to help us to become even better.




Excellent work!

Unfortunately for us, we have no Romans in our game. :slight_smile:

That looks really really cool, gratz :wink:

Dwarfs, that would be great!

Man this is awesome! next can be pirates!!

Outstanding work! Would love to see a more future / sci-fi / cyberpunk version!

The shields are great, very good;
but I don’t like the skin of the character, he look like zombie kinda. he doesn’t seem ‘alive’

Really cool.At last, I find out another one.

Hey guys thanks for your feedback,

I read some threads in the forum and noticed there was a high demand on a modular Character System. We finished this first asset package as a starter. The system is developed to suit all genres/different character types etc. It doesn’t need to be rome by a 100%. If you want to create a gladiator/rome game its a good starting point for indie dev teams.
You can easiely add/remove as many meshes/itemslots as you like(for example if youd like to add additionally cloaks and bracers etc). We did also include weapons + shields.

In terms of style: What do you wish in future? Do you prefer PBR semi realistic style or do you guys like to see more cartoony/stylized characters? I’m very interested in your opinion and would gear my development towards the needs of possible customers.

There is a chance to create more versions for example with dwarfs,etc. it depends how well the package is received.

In game development heads are a delicate topic which comes with a lot of technical constrains. There is just one “sample head” included". If we would have developed more head variations the price would be significantly higher, which is less interesting for a lot of devs.
The pack serves as starting point for developers with different costumes and a character editor to change visual styles.

Attached you’ll find a few more shot ingame. The project is sent over to Unreal marketplace staff which is now under technical review.

Modular Rome Equipment_screenshot_09.png


[MENTION=434]BrUnO XaVIeR[/MENTION]we have a special zombie skin variations if you change the skincolor in the character editor :wink:

@unit23 You like that realistic visual style or more toony dwarfs?

Realistic look, for fantasy i prefer a style like seen in Lord of the Rings.

I prefer realistic look.

Epic started with the review process last week.
Unfortunatelly I had to submit a second time after they changed to the new publishing website.Sorry for all the delay. It’s coming soon.

Hey guys,

t took a little bit longer as expected but we finally made it :wink:
If you have any questions regarding the pack feel free to use that thread here.…rome-equipment

Have fun, hope you like it!

**polyphorie i use ue4 editor 4.22 when i load a new level the pawn is not loading my save **immediately, i have to do it in the hud editor and then play character button
how can i load my save when i start a level