[Release] Kinect 4 Unreal Content Examples



Hey everyone,

We at Opaque Multimedia are proud to finally release our two Blueprint Content projects onto the Marketplace! As announced in the recent Unreal Engine 4 blog post, Kinect 4 Unreal Introduction & Kinect 4 Unreal Example Levels are now available. These projects contain high quality, fully documented Blueprints that were designed to help users of the Kinect 4 Unreal (K4U) plugin develop content by showcasing all the features of the plugin and different ways they can be used inside Unreal Engine 4.

Kinect 4 Unreal Introduction
This Introduction project demonstrates how to utilise the Kinect 2 via the Blueprint system, and how easily Kinect data can be used to control actors and components. It also explains the design conventions the plugin uses in order to streamline the workflow between Kinect and Unreal. Thoroughly commented and organised blueprints will guide you through the use of our plugin.
Kinect 4 Unreal Introduction Marketplace Page

Kinect 4 Unreal Example Levels
This project demonstrates how to create simple to complex gameplay functionality using the data provided by the Kinect 2. Covering all of the Kinect 4 Windows feature set, the minigames show you how the Kinect data can drive gameplay, and how you can access, interpret and refine that data to give a usable control interface for your own games. Thoroughly documented, commented and structured Blueprints clearly outline the steps taken to develop these minigames, and allow for easy re-use/migration into your own K4U projects. The project also demonstrates our Avateering system, which allows Kinect Bodies to control Skeletal Mesh assets. Avateering works as a standalone feature, directly controlling a mesh, or in combination with the Animation Blueprint system allowing for per-bone control.
Kinect 4 Unreal Example Levels Marketplace Page

Additional Information and links
For more information visit the Kinect 4 Unreal Homepage
To get the plugin go to the Kinect 4 Unreal Download Page
For a full documentation of all the Blueprint nodes available in the plugin see Kinect 4 Unreal Documentation
And for any questions relating to the plugin itself, we are active in our Kinect 4 Unreal Development Thread and would love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with using the Kinect 4 Unreal plugin and the blueprint content projects!

Doesn’t seem to compile under 4.7.3, is the source anywhere?

Hi antinnit,
The source is not distributed with the plugin at this point in time but hopefully we can help you out with your compilation issues. Can you provide additional information regarding what build and project type you are trying to use the plugin with?