[Release] Hover Board Demo Project

So this post inspired me to make this simple little hover board sample project.

It uses a similar method as my buoyancy code.

You can make hovering platforms and objects with configurable desired height.
For stabilization you can play around with the Trace Smooth Zone variable, increase the linear/angular damping and/or increase the mass of the object.

You can even make the objects hover each other if you want to.



Download Project for 4.7 (~23Mb from Google Drive)

If you replace the height control algorithm with this code you get a little more control over the floating behaviour:

Where the Gain parameter controls the speed of the height control and the Damping controls the softness/damping of the control, a value of 1 means well damped and a value of 0 totally undamped and the mas will oscillate freely.

That’s amazing guys! Just what I was looking for! This whole blueprint project relieved my whole-day balancing misery! Cheers! :slight_smile:

very funny. look like aliens tripods:D

Very interesting for a game that uses platforms. It reminded me Frostbite

Thank you :slight_smile:

This actually also works when you drop physics-enabled objects on it!
Really nice! I was just hopping around on one of the platforms with one of our all-physics based robots :slight_smile: It gave perfect and really realistic interaction with zero performance impact.

This is great - I was going to end up making something similar when I implement the “comfort (magic) carpet” for my VR dungeon crawler (you’ll either be able to surf it or sit on it more traditionally, depending on preference). I personally don’t mind first person locomotion in VR at all, but dealing with it seems important, mostly for exposure reasons.

The only interesting thing that this is kind of magnetic floating if you make it cast rays by the opposite of the UP vector, when the board goes sideways it stays sideways at the set hover distance. :slight_smile:

Sir I love hover boards… I will use this… and it will be awesome!

Now I can make this in UE4 and it’s all you fault:

How to attach it on an object ? And how can you “stuck” a character on it ?

Thanks guys, that is really helpful.
Kartom, did you use physic formulas to calculate the height? Or is it just euristics?