Release Day ! for Dan In Space

Release Day is finally here!

My first game where I did the game design and programming. I love Blueprints.

Get the Premium version with no adds for half price at just $.99 for next 30 days.

Try the free version with minimal adds.

Android is next.

I’ll be honest, the moment I read “Dan in Space” I thought of the old Mel Brook’s skit “Jews in Space.” Good luck with your launch!

Good first project but I have a higher standards for graphics.

@Stache: Are you sure your links are working … I am getting an error:

Thanks all, for the interest.
Thanks qdelpeche, I fixed the links.
SORiNGames, I went with no-lit model so my game would work on maximum devices. Do you have any thoughts on how to improve the graphics? I love feedback so please help me improve.
Have a great Friday