Release date for 4.8 preview 1

Hello everyone,

May i ask when are you planning to release the 4.8 preview 1 build? I would really love to see it sometime soon so i can finally stop downloading from github.
And i really like the idea of a weekly preview build from the editor so we can still have all the latest goodies without messing around with git,VS,compiling etc and you in return will get much more feedback for the stable release.

Thank you.

I would guess soon, it’s been a month since 4.7 and we haven’t had any real news last couple weeks.

Lot of open-source project do something called nightly, automatically build (if it builds at all) software during night where there less changes made and distribute in binary form for public testing

I thought 4.7.X updates are bi-monthly to tri-monthly updates. Am I wrong expecting it to be something different?

Bump, I’m hoping 4.8 preview can come out soon. There is game breaking bug with dedicated server and UMG editor that’s fixed in 4.8, and building the (promoted branch) engine from source I can’t compile my project without permission errors showing up. Plus our whole team is on staggered version and it’s throwing off chance at running a proper sprint.

4.8 preview before mid-May would be a life saver.

Will 4.8 includes GameWorks?

There are no current plans to include Gameworks with UE4.

If you would like to test or use Gameworks in UE4 you should take a look at this thread:

Awh! Thanks a lot for that crucial information, because I was holding one mini project for that… I was going to wait for pretty long if you haven’t told me.


Bugs could be pushed to 4.7 regular updates when they are not based on new 4.8 features ?

4.8 P1 should be hitting us next week, I believe. Epic are likely to be doing a twitch kick off also :wink:


Because it seems Epic likes to make fun about people who have to wait for the next major release just for having one (critical) bug fixed…

The source is available on the git repository, and I believe there are binaries as well. I don’t think Epic revels in user misery, rather, their system is so interdependent, that one bug often relies on multiple fixes.

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