Release branch on GitHub

I’ve pushed a new branch to GitHub called ‘release’, to make it easier to merge new releases and cut down on the proliferation of stale branches. It has a history of all the releases we’ve done so far, and I’m planning to merge all the new releases from now on into it. They’re all still individually tagged, of course.

That means that we’ve now got three rolling branches, depending where on the spectrum between stability and newness you want to work with:

  • Master (which represents the main branch being developed by our engine team)
  • Promoted (which accepts merges from master whenever our QA team identifies a solid, working build - the old ‘latest preview’ tagged builds)
  • Release (which accepts merges from promoted, and is extensively tweaked and tested before release)

How does that sound to everyone? Would anyone have strong objections to me removing the stale 4.0-4.5 release branch heads?

Sounds good to me, makes things more clean and easier to get around with. :slight_smile:

Nice :smiley: I guess this thread answers my questions :smiley: So the release branch would now mirror the QA one in P4?

Yeah, exactly!

Nice! That will make my life easier :smiley: Hooray! Merging the old version branches gave me some headaches like duplicate additions ^^ So now this should go all nice a smooth!

Yea if the history is intact merging upwards should be much easier.