Release a game for Consoles?

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I’ve been trying to get some info, but couldn’t get my hands on anything useful about…

What is the procedure of releasing a game for PS4 and XBOX one? You need to pay licenses or is there something that would any obstacles?


You have to be accepted into the Xbox or Playstation developer programs:

But, you have to prove yourself–meaning that if they don’t think that you could complete a game of high enough quality then they won’t accept you. So you can be established in the industry or you’ll have to give them a link to show your game to convince them.

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There’s no super expensive licenses after you’re approved?

When you are approved, you talk to Epic and demonstrate to them that you have the license and the devkits, and they will give you the console code. As i know, without extra cost.

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I don’t think there’s a specific fee to be a developer, but you have to buy a devkit console from Sony/Microsoft and those cost more than the regular consoles.
To release on either console you have to get your game rated by whatever rating system in the country of release (ESRB in the U.S.) which can costs a few thousand dollars.

Yup, just checked something more detailed and…

Before applying, please make sure the following requirements are met:

Proof of Corporate Entity
Obtain an Employer Tax ID Number (see (Recommended)
Static IP to access Developer Support Systems
You must be physically located in US, Mexico, Central America, South America, or Canada

Wait what? So… No Europe and Japan?
How can EU is not inside?

My guess it’s separated on markets, Like South/North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, but can’t find nothing specific about Europe.

I think that’s due to going to the U.S. website, try going to see if you can find a Sony Europe website.

Since when did you have to pay for a debug / dev kit console? The last time I checked, these are sent to accepted developers at no additional charge.

Both Sony and Microsoft made a big deal of this back during E3 when their respective consoles were announced. They understood indie developers couldn’t afford the previously high-cost of a development machine. As such, they removed that obstacle.

Edit: This is confirmed on both Sony and Microsoft’s sites; for example: “Receive 2 free dev kits and access our dev forums and documents.”

Last I heard, both Microsoft and Sony will assist an indie developer with all rating approvals assuming you’re aiming for a digital-only release. If it’s disc-based that you’re aiming for, that’s an entirely different ballpark, of course.

I assume you’re applying for Sony’s program? As, I don’t recall those requirements on Microsoft’s submission form. If so, go ahead and contact [EMAIL=“”] and they’ll help you out.

The entire independent developer process is very streamlined now compared to how it was several years ago. It’s far more friendly to very small developers. Yes, you have to prove that your title is of acceptable quality. However, once approved, there’s very little obstacles - and they respective hardware giant will do their best to assist.

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@Daniel, yep that’s the crux of it.

Good overview.

Btw, as of a few weeks ago MS announced that they will be making good on their original promise to let everyone develop on xbox:

As per article “…with plans to let any developer access the SDK in the coming months. …”

That’s at some point, but currently you still have to get a devkit from them.