Relaxing Room

Hey guys, it’s my first project in EU4 beyond test here and there

The goal of the project is to create a interactive architectural visualization in HTML5.

I needed an animation for the intro so I started to play with matinee:

Also you can see the post in my blog if you wish, have a little more information about the project:

There are still many things to do, but I hope you like it.


Fantastic work Lui! Great job on your first UE4 project. That music goes very well with your scene. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in this project!

Very… relaxing… :smiley:

Have you managed to export it as a HTML5 package?

Hi, Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I have tried to export test scenes to HTML5 repeatedly, since version 4.0, but without success.

Last time ( version 4.4), I had and error “Build Failed” because failed to produce item “UEGame.js”, and did not find any solution, well … one but I did not understand very well how to do it. So I decided continue with other things like play with blueprints, matinee etc. In some days I will try build some scene ( not this) in 4.5 version and if I can do it then I will start with this scene.
I know, maybe then I must redo some things to allow me to export but I think can be a good exercice to never will forget what I can do and what not.

For now I’m still playing with blueprints and UMG for give some interactivity to the scene before fill it with the rest of the props.

with blender, huh? great

Yes! I use blender, in fact, in the wake of starting this project, I wrote this addon for blender to facilitate my workflow when exporting objects to fbx (Anyone who wants can download it for free ;))

Just like me, I read in other thread that with v4.5 the process is more likely going to work but I’ll to wait until someone else confirms this, in the meantime I’ll continue with other stuff.

A few days ago I was able to export some projects (some default templates and some examples from the marketplace) to HTML5 with EU4 (versions 4.5.1 and 4.6) without problems (with Frontend)

SwingNinja Game
AdvancedLight Template
AdvancedVehicle Template
Third Person Template

In some others I had some problems … for example in realistic rendering project, some problems with the shaders (some not work), I expecting that because also doesn’t work in mobile preview ( like the shader for the sofa and the doors)

Also, in this scene I found a couple problems ( I have the same problem in my Relaxing Room Scene), and I don’t know if have a solution for now. Seems the normal maps or the roughness parameter is little bit different in movile preview than then in the HTML5.



Also when I try to load the HTML5 in the browser,a pop up message saying “the script is too large” and ask me if I want continue or stop the script. if I choose continue all good but I don’t know how reduce the script since is already minified.


Realistic Rendering

I have also read something about using gzip to reduce file sizes and achieve faster loading, but for now I have not been able (I made some changes I saw in a web in the .htaccess file but did not work)

So, for now I think I will continue with other projects until I find a solution or the problem with the differences between the mobile preview and html5 is fixed, as it seems unproductive having to package the project several times to check that the shaders are correct.