Relative Transform Adding to Vector

What is an adequate blueprint module to alter a static mesh or actor’s vector position in an x, y, or z direction? Random Unit Vector is not what I want because it cannot be controlled by units, I am looking for a vector module w/ an x, y and z spot to type in some value for which I can hook the module up to a relative transform node and have the mesh’s position be controlled by this module.

Vector and Transform are structures and as all structure they have Make and Break nodes, so search for Make Transform and Make Vector + you can break strucutre pins to sperate pins by right clicking on then ad there will be Break Pin, so you don’t need to create extra nodes just to input data.

I got one box to rise above the first 1000 units, but how can I apply this to every box after that? The first box stays at 0,0,0 but the rest of the 8 boxes move to 0,0,1000
Would I somehow use the index node on the loop (which takes into account the number of instances or number of boxes to spawn) and connect that to the make vector z float node and multiply the index # by an increasing increment of 1000? It cannot reset to 1000 once the index hits the final value or number of instances, 9.

Why you asking if it seems you have a grasp what you could to do? Have confidence :slight_smile:

Make it a function and make local varable, local varables exist only when function is executed and when you execute function again it starts again from 0. You know when loop gonna end since you will need to stop it anyway so then you can also reset index.

Also keep in mind constract script is executed on each edit of actor in editor, so if you spawning, you need to delete old objects you made