Relative Size

A game on Giants:
is there any difference between having a normal size character and reduce the size of the world and a having a giant character in a normal size world?

Pros and cons with both i suppose. Making things small usually comes with a few more issues than one would immediately imagine.

Personally I’d go for the latter, normal sized world with giant char. Avoids most of the collision and accuracy issues one might experience :slight_smile:


Hey @SAM0381! Welcome to the Forums!

To add on a bit more to what @Squize has said about pros and cons, the main con that immediately comes to mind with the latter approach would be the camera. You will need to make sure you have your camera settings set correctly so you can see as far (and as close) as you need to.

That being said, if you want a massive world, you may want to look at having the former or ideally meeting somewhere in the middle to minimize the impact of having your assets too small. This is because there ultimately is a map size limit, and of course large highly detailed assets do ultimately take up more memory.

Of course there is always more nuance with what you are working with, but I do suggest taking advantage of both if you can.

I hope the above helps point you in the direction you need!