Relative Rotation and Velocity

I’m trying to build a flight control blueprint. I linked a screenshot of my setup.

Basically I created a new Character and added my static mesh and camera into it. I successfully implemented the input axes and all work. But I cant get relative rotation with Pitch and Yaw values. If I roll in a direction and input the pitch or yaw directions, they still behave according to the world rotation. I need them to be relative to the character’s rotation. I dont understand why AddControllerPitchInput doesnt have a rotation input like in the AddMovementInput. If I try to change the rotation of the actor, I believe the controller blocks the input to the actor even if I uncheck Use Controller Rotation ticks. Anyway I have been searching for solutions for a while but the ones I came accross did not work for me, I’m missing something.

Also is there a way to increase the current velocity of the character by pressing a key? In the screenshot, in Afterburner section, I could only increase the max speed, but I need to increase the velocity. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

Hey, Sangratura. Check this thread. I believe it has the answers you’re looking for.

Hi, thanks for the quick response, I replicated what was suggested in that thread but it still keeps rotating in the world rotation. I could get the camera to rotate correct. But not the character.

Can you post your latest blueprint?

Sorry…not clear exactly what you’re trying to do there. you’re adding rotation to your character AND camera? which do you want to rotate with the pitch input?

I want the camera to be attached to the character and rotate with it. I rotated the camera because it wasnt rotating at all in pitch direction with the AddActorLocalRotation.

That camera is already attached to the character. It should move with the character. I would remove that part and see what happens.

Ok, I removed that camera part and I had to uncheck the Use Pawn Controller Rotation in the Spring Arm to make it rotate with the character. Camera is working correctly now but the character is still rotating in the world rotation.

are you handling your yaw and roll input the same way you’re handling pitch input w/ AddActorLocalRotation?

No, I wasnt. And doing so fixed everything. Works great. Thank you so much ! Can you say anything about increasing the velocity?