Relative player-skybox rotation?

Yet another UE novice with a potentially obnoxious idea - but I’d like to know if it’s possible anyway, if anyone can help.
I have a spherical world with its own gravity that the player can seamlessly walk around.
The moon is in the same position in both screenshots - you can see as the character moves around the planet with custom gravity, the skybox stays level and it results in a strange appearance. This might be easier to see on the second image where the clouds are nearly vertical when they should be horizontal. I would rather not create a ‘space-box’ - It’s quite important that I have the sky and a day/night cycle. In essence, I need the skybox to be a fixed background element that will appear to stay in the same position when the player moves, as if the player was moving on a flat plane.
I feel like this might be quite an easy fix. Is it just a case of setting the player character as a pivot point for rotation? How would I go about doing this?

It’s just rotation so you won’t need a pivot point, you just set have an offset rotation between the player and skysphere, and on tick of the payer or skysphere you want the sphere’s rotation = player rotation plus original offset. Day night will change but always be the same relative to the player

Sounds promising. Am I on the right track here? Right now I have the clouds following the player, but not the horizon, zenith, sun or moon.
Again, apologies if this is remedial.
rotate skybox.PNG

Did you manage to fix this as I’ve got a similar problem with trying to keep the background in the same position regardless of player rotation.

As i’ve tried both techniques and they don’t seem to work