Relative location , world location, or netiher?

I have a cube that moves up down left and right on the X and Y axis on a grid using W,A,S,D. I decided to defy gravity and have this cube flip up sideways on a wall and change the camera position to have it move now the same way but it’s now moving up a way well say…even though it seems ur still on the floor…the whole NO gravity thing.

Problem is, once I rotate everything and have my character and everything there my W,A,S,D keys are wrong because I’m no long on the same arises. Is there a way to do this with certain locations< world or relative?

I’ve always really never understand the difference between the two so I’m sure that would help…

Does anyone understand and no what I should do???

Relative is in relation to the , If you are at 45 degree roll and add 45 degree yaw to it in relative you will end up looking towards the ground, but if you add 45 degree yaw in world, you will still be looking forward.

Here is an easy way to understand.





That axtually does hi me sort of idea…
so exactly how would one do that…
Be able to move on x And y…but when you flip on a wall and rotate how fos the cube still think its on its x and y? That way controls still work???

so its like you are moved or everything else besides you moves?