Relative Location issue

Hi All

im having a strange issue i wonder if anyone can help.
When i try to trace from a skeleton mesh in a blueprint the relative location seems to be showing me something different.
Ive tried using get world location and that works in a sense of getting the traces in the correct place, but then the traces are not relative to the bp itself , which i need them to be. Meaning: The character needs to have the traces relative to its own x and y within the blueprint, and not using the worlds x and y.

thank you in advanced for any help

Hi soulmapp,

I just tested this in 4.6 and I can’t get your results. Which version of the editor are you using?

Yes im using 4.6
Basically i wanted to get the traces on the x and y of my blueprint rather than the world x and y. Using “get relative location” puts the trace not at the same place as my mesh, as u see in the pic.
But when i use get world location then of course the traces start tracing from the correct location but then the traces are only aligned to the world’s x and y

Is your characters pivot point centered correctly?

Hi soulmapp,

Have you had time to verify that your meshes pivot is centered correctly?

Yep… The mesh pivot is correct…
Unless the mesh is the root of the BP… it takes world x or y and not relative.
And i don’t want it to be the root… so ive decided to approach it a different way…

Can we get a screenshot of how is your blueprint components are setup?

Hi TJ…
thank you for replying, but its some time ago now. and i ended up going another way instead,