Relative coordinates in sequencer for attached objects

Greetings all!

Alright so i’m not sure if this is the right place for this question but here we go.

In SEQUENCER i want to attach a hat to a character (simple right?)

My character is in there moving no problem with this one.

Then i add the hat (static mesh) and i right click -> attach -> select the character -> select the bone i want to attach it to

BINGO! great! now here it gets wierd.

lets say that the exact coordinates of this bone i attached the hat to is :

X : 1000
Y : 1200
Z : 100

if i go to the location coordinates for the hat and enter :

X : 0
Y : 0
Z : 0

the hat moves exactly where the attached bone is (sooooooo i assume that the coordinates are relative to the bone i attached it to!)

but THEN! if i save my work the coordinates of the hat change by itself to :

X : 1000
Y : 1200
Z : 100

and now the hat is WAAAAAAAAYYYY out in the distance over there because the origin (0:0:0) is where my character is and now it is at (1000:1200:100)

I hope this is clear enough for people to understand.

Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong? what do i need to do to keep this hat on my character’s head?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Do you set a keyframe at frame 0, specifying the hat’s location at 0,0,0?

Yes i have those little dots indicating a change in the 3 axis at frame 0.

well … that was stupid easy.

the hat’s coordonates were on static instead of movable. Make sure to change that folks!

This is the video that helped me find this error.

Cheers and have some fun guys! thank you for your help.