RelatedWorld Plugin for Unreal Engine 4


  • Fixed access violation error in Packaged Builds

So. Almost all the necessary functionality has been implemented. Now, we need to test it in “combat” conditions. This will take some time as the project for which this plugin was made is not yet at the required stage. I’ll keep you informed.

Compability for Unreal Engine 5 Preview1 was added

Fixed bug with Removing actors from RepGraph routine

Added ability to using new Packed Movement Replication routine in 4.27

Can I use this complex tool to solve a simple issue - jittering skeletal animations when far from world origin?

If you are sure that the Related World are exactly what you need and the standard origin offset cannot solve the problem, then of course yes.

I think it could solve it, if it was single-player. As my project is multiplayer only, there is no native solution for that.
I am intrigued to try out RelatedWorld. Is there a guide or something that could help me get started? Thank you for response.

Yes, i have a sample project with basic setup for UE4 based on 3td Person template. You can start from that
git clone GitHub - Delta-Proxima-Team/UE4-Sample-RelatedWorld

the main problem is that you need to write your own Replication Graph, since the one that is present in the module is not suitable for the actual project. I’m working on it, but I can’t say how soon there will be an update in the public repository, because now another task is a priority.

In any case, if you have any questions, I am happy to provide assistance.
Also, I recommend joining our discord server: Delta-Proxima Team
It will be much faster and easier to get help there. I rarely read mail)

Alright, thank you very much