Related to Target Light values for the Blueprint_Communication map in the ExampleContent project

engine version: 5.4.2
sample project: "ExampleConent"
map: "Blueprint_Communication"
blueprint: "BP_ButtonLight_Bulb_Basic"
The variable in question: "TargetLight"

Hello, I’m new to Unreal Engine 5, about a week into it. Maybe the question is vague, but I’ve been thinking about it for days and haven’t come up with an answer, so I’m asking.

The Blueprint provided in the sample works perfectly.
That is, it makes good use of the “Toggle Light” event. However, the problem starts when you create a new one.

I noticed that the “Button light Material” is set in the ConstructionScript.

When I use the “Find reference” function to find where I set the TargetLight, it does not come up, and although it compiles, it is set to None at runtime. I’m not sure why I’m getting None at runtime even though I’ve clearly applied “BP Light Bulb Basic”.

Thank you for reading this.

I solved it on my own.
The answer was in the Unreal Engine Editor instructions.
Thank you.