rejoining games with steam issue.

Been having an issue where if a client leaves a game they can no longer find any sessions from steam. I have searched around and I cant seem to find any answer to this. And I mean any kind of disconnect. Now if I’m not connected to steam I can always find a session no matter how many times i disconnect. So I’m not sure if there is a special way to disconnect from steam when a player is disconnected or not. If any one has any info on this and can help me out, that would be great thanks.

I can’t pull up my code right now, but can take a look later. I’ve been pretty consistently able to disconnect and rejoin games on my game through steam.

But, how are you disconnecting right now? I believe I’m just opening a different map myself.

ive tried multiple different ways to disconnect including destroying the session as well as just changing the level. but when it comes to steam i just cant seem to reconnect to a server after leaving the level and going back to the main menu. ill post some code by Thursday when im back in the office(on holiday). just seems odd that it works with out steam but not with steam.

@**lattasoft **heres some code to see if it helps figure out my issue here

this is all done from the button press in the quit game menu
// in side my quit menu widget

void UInGameMenu::QuitToMainMenu() 
    if (MenuInterface != nullptr) 


and in side my game instance

void UDOP_GameInstance::LoadMainMenu() 

    // get player controller
    APlayerController* PlayerController = GetFirstLocalPlayerController();
    if (!ensure(PlayerController != nullptr))return;
    //client travel
    PlayerController->ClientTravel("/Game/Maps/"+MainMenuMapName, ETravelType::TRAVEL_Absolute);


any assistance would be great